Northern Orchestra of British Columbia
Gordon Lucas - Artistic Director

About Us

The Northern Orchestra is the premier amateur teaching, learning and performing group in the region. Founded in 2002 by the renowned violinist, composer and teacher Gordon Lucas, it was created to provide a training and performance outlet for amateur musicians in Prince George and Vanderhoof. The Orchestra today has evolved to include members from a number of Northern BC communities. Orchestra membership includes people of all ages and from all walks of life who share a common passion and a love of live orchestral music.

What makes the Northern Orchestra unique is its vision to ensure that learning more about classical music is something the entire community can enjoy. It provides an opportunity for people to appreciate and take pleasure in symphonic music - whether as a musician or an audience member. The Northern Orchestra welcomes all musicians regardless of age or level of experience.

The Northern Orchestra does not charge a fee to its members. It operates primarily with volunteers and is guided by a group of Orchestra Representatives made up of musicians and community members. It relies on community donations and sponsorship in order to cover its costs for concerts, travel, hall rentals, guest soloists and music purchases.

In the fall of 2010 the Northern Orchestra launched a regular concert series in Prince George and Vanderhoof.

The Northern Orchestra is a non profit organization and is incorporated under the Society Act of BC.

Join Us!

The Northern Orchestra of British Columbia is proud to serve the Northern areas from Vanderhoof to Prince George and beyond. We welcome all interested players and (almost) all interested instruments.

Please contact us at info@northernorchestra to join up. We can help you in choosing an instrument or in raising your proficiency level on your instrument. The N.O. is a totally inclusive environment. Making Music is for all!

Photo by Gordon Lucas